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zk is a brand new exciting musical collaboration that unites rocker, songwriter and producer, Barry Keenan, with singer, songwriter, and respected music journalist, Paul Zollo,


Paul Zollo is the author of Conversations With Tom Petty, Expanded Version (Omnibus; published 2.13.20), the best selling, Songwriters On Songwriting, More Songwriters On Songwriting (Da Capo Press), and Hollywood Remembered (Taylor Trade). He is also Senior Editor of American Songwriter magazine.


Barry Keenan is an award winning songwriter and recording artist, and is the leader of the rock band, Invisible Poet Kings.

For their first recorded release, Keenan and Zollo have teamed up with the other three members of IPK, Ed Krzyzanaik, Ray Whittenfield and Voyce McGinley lll to produce this new version of Tom Petty’s classic song, "Refugee".



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